Click Here to join and Vote, It’s Free!

Hey Everybody! I’d like to let you know that portions of my portfolio (Many never seen) are now running in shoot-outs live on shuttout.com, and need support. Your votes would mean the world to me!

Joining is free, ( *I’m not endorsed by shuttout in any way ) and super fun. You can upload your photography daily to a multitude of contests. If you choose to pay $2, the winner takes the total pot at the end! If not, you can still enter and vote, you just don’t get the pot. Importantly though, it’s also a great way to gain engagement. It spreads awareness about your photography, Instagram, websites and other blogs etc. while it gets spread widely and viewed along with your photos.

Plaid_Self_Portrait_Web Bento_Box_Web 16x24-Wicker-Candle-Signature Pocket_Defender_1_Adjusted_Web 14x10 Light trail Fall_Viper_Web Black-Rose_Web Double_Vision_Web(Color-Corrected) Seiko_10,000_Web A-DJ-Saved-My-Life_Web Grafitti_Web Octon-Snow-Bokeh_Web IMG_2828~photo 2econd-Life_Web Log Bokeh Signature Texas_Cabin_Web Spider_Pond_Web Neon_Eyes_Web Kondor-Blue-Laser-Cap_Web Time-&-Leather-Vivid_Web Wristi_Memorial_Web River_Defender_Web Good_Boots_2_Web Seiko-Saturday_Web Summer-Vibes-Blank_Web Shuffle_Board_Adobe_1998_Web(Auto-sRGB) Octon_10%-Off_Signature_DazeRobert_Double_Web(Auto-sRGB) Vintage-Black_Web My-Life-On-POT