Mmmm, Crunchy Summer Vibez

So you’ve been in isolation for several months, and feeling adventurous, but where to start?

How about with my latest Wallpaper Download, “Summer Vibez”

Ahh, The sweet smell of summer freedom. Maybe a cold can or three of a favorite beverage on hand while floating down your river of choice. This was the case last year, and will hopefully be the same late this year if I’m lucky.

I’ve been exploring the depths of high quality photography for a few years now, and as a perfectionist.. What it takes to achieve levels that satisfy that. ( Those who already speak with me, know it’s as often a curse as I feel an asset ). As such, I’ll soon have many photos available as Large, Limited Format Prints, so expansive knowledge I’ve taken seriously. I’ve also learned, that quality and perfection are relative, and in the eyes of the artist and beholder..

Nothing is perfect. Let me Explain.

For several months now, I’ve been going in the opposite direction.. Exploring my 70’s Konica lenses, ripe with aberrations and all the RGB splitting that we try so hard to avoid these days.. But do we really? There’s many apps available who’s sole purpose it is to provide this vintage look, and re-introduce it back into our stark, pixel perfect photos.

In blissful ignorance, much creativity is born. Too much literal knowledge can be stifling.. So I’ve processed for a moment and feel a bit like I’m drowning my creativity. I mostly always love my work, but I’m lacking flamboyance which I’ve been suppressing so I could come up to learn and fit the mold. Now that we’ve got this, I need some fresh air for a bit.

Today’s looks can be anything we want them to be. Clean, soft, de-saturated, earthy, cold or warm, minimal and stark.. Or, gritty with green shadowy hues, burns, scratches, fingerprints.. Basically everything under the sun. Digital mediums have changed everything, and I’ve gotten to a place where I’ve hit all the goals initially set out for myself when I truly re-activated my photographic journey a few years ago. It’s getting hard for me to keep producing for one slice of the photographical arts, when there’s so much to explore for me now.

Complacency isn’t a space where I find happiness, or creativity. So for the next several months, I’ll be time tripping back through my past. I have some mighty new goals and even a month long experiment that awaits, but without further waste.. please ENJOY the following Wallpaper, get outside and grab a few cold ones!

With that, for today I present a BULB Exposure shot last year at 45mm with an ND1000 Filter to help with it being so long. There’s plenty of imagination here, I’m leaving it up to y’all to find what’s real, and how it got that way.

One thing that’s sure, it’s nice to feel and be outside again! Expect A LOT more Vintage work from me in the coming months! Cheers! ✌🏻

( *Wallpaper needs to be downloaded by computer. I’m certain about iPhone but Android users may have luck if they want to try )

Click Here To download the Summer Vibez Wallpaper

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