9,999 Problems but Photo’s ain’t one

The first of which being its currently 4:32 am and I’m still working.. But I’ve reached a momentous occasion this weekend as I officially rolled passed the 10,000th photo taken on my new Canon since Dec. of 2018.


I’m extremely proud of how hard I’ve had to push myself to learn, and to progress. I’d say most of all to then be able to do it over the next days, weeks and so on..

Short and sweet tonight, or should I say today. Always lessons and metaphors gathered along the way, but most of all it’s important to enjoy what your doing. To have passion. Photography has given me many reasons to pursue each morning and for that I’m thankful. All these moments we capture aren’t meant to sit as 1s and 0s in a box on a shelf. They are meant to be experienced, shared and remembered.

On-wards with vigor and stamina..

~ Studio Austin

P.S. I’ve put together this wonderful Wallpaper to remember the 10,000th photo taken. It would be my pleasure to pass it on. You can download the various formats for Mac, PC and mobile Here!

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