How Dare You

I don’t know what kind of cactus or succulent this is, but I love them. My local HEB (Grocery store if you’re not from Texas) has them all over the place. Something about the soft green flesh and the big black spikes at the top.

I moved to Texas after college sometime around 2010, and it wasn’t what I imagined. I thought there would be lots of desert, oil pumpjacks and tumbleweeds. Shows my ignorance. That may be true elsewhere, but not here in Central Austin. I’ve traveled the country speed-skating but never really made it too far south except for Florida.

I’ve been here almost 10 years and have since bought my first home. I started buying various succulents immediately. I love the zero-scape look and can’t imagine having a home without them. We spent the first year remodeling the kitchen and putting in new windows so the yard gets to stay “un-zeroed” for now.

My girlfriend and I were out today when again I saw these lovely plants. She walked to the car while I walked to the cacti. The natural look of this leather NATO (from Barton Watch Bands) blended perfectly with the soft green… leaves?

I didn’t want to waste any time. We were outside of an office building, so I only took two pictures. They we’re basically the same only the second caught a bit more light. I’d wait until later to see if anything was usable. As I went to grab my Orient Ranger, this bastard made me bleed my own blood. Touche’ plant..

I guess those giant black spikes are really just to keep people like me from exploiting them for watch pics.

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