Feeling Blue

I woke up late feeling rather blue. Blah. Some days are like that we’ve all had them. After eating breakfast, (I say breakfast but it was almost noon) I decided to stay out and enjoy the sunshine for a bit.

The clouds come and go exposing it in decent portions as I sit there like I have for the last few days. My new Citizen NIGHTHAWK has such a nice steel band that I havn’t been able to bring myself to remove it yet. That being said, I had to set it aside because it got rather hot on the wrist.

A Spotify playlist later and the rain was coming in quickly. It’s good, we need it here. The house was dark as I came in with NIGHTHAWK in hand. I’m still not used to such beautiful blue LUME. This time it looked radioactive, and took me by surprise actually. It’s become almost second nature to scramble for my phone, exploiting what inspiration has started.

I’ve said I love stripes, but I also like wood. It’s simple, yet complex. A great contrast to anything metal. For me, sometimes simplicity on my part makes the shot work. Everything else in this picture is doing double duty and things don’t need to be over complicated.

Funny how these thoughts flash through in a matter of seconds. In the beginning it was much more work but it’s getting easier. I know certain hurdles to expect and certain angles to just avoid completely.

I don’t know about you, but this Lume has left me feeling blue in a much better way.

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Processed With Darkroom

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