Life Aquatic

Living in Texas, the weather is usually predictable. Unless its Labor Day Weekend. You know, the one everybody spends in the pool or at the Lake.

Even with Monday off, we decided to get a jump on the rain and swim on Sunday. I decided it was time for another watch to literally, test the waters. I know it’s only pooltime activities, but part of my collection is having all my timepieces functional. Time for another to take the plunge. I like to use silicone when I’m swimming because of the chlorine, but here comes that functional part again.

Blushark was the first NATO strap I purchased, and I couldn’t have been more impressed. I was on a Bond-Binge and watching Thunderball. Did you know the first “Bond” strap was thought to be Black and Grey until the video was remastered? It revealed the true colors to be Black and Olive Green, with thin Red pinstripes. I had to have one. Buy 2 get 1 free, Everyday. Que the internet and days later a nice “Blu” box shows up in the mail.

I’ve since had several more mysteriously appear in the mail (smiles) , the last of which are colorful straps for summer. This seafoam green is the least likely to bleach from the pool so it made the cut.

We swam for a while and and I knew I wanted a picture, but didn’t know when it would come about. I like my shots to be organic, and come across more as a feeling or moment in time. We spend so much time looking down at our watches, I feel almost equally attached to the ground beneath them. I kept part of my fingers underwater for this one and it left the photo with a natural blurry texture while bringing a clear focus to the center, and the watch.

As thunder rolled in the background we closed up the pool, washed off our feet and I knew it was a shot I could work with. Now if only we had more propane…

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Processed With Darkroom

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