I’ve Got A Thing For Stripes

This lovely Seiko SNKL41 Japan model has been sitting too comfortably in my watch case. It was Christmas for my Girlfriend, but sometimes my passion eclipses her own. So after months of staring me in the face a couple times a day, I decided it needed a night out. For us on this night… It was Target. I changed the girly turquoise Wristology strap to an Alligator I had lying around and Voila!

As we entered our old place of employment I snapped a quick story shot and proceeded to browse until I found this interesting jacket. (Target’s really stepped up their game, if you haven’t noticed.) As my arm slid out, I felt a strong yin and yang.

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” – Confucius

My focus ran down the jacket, and I quickly noticed the watch. There was a balance and harmony between the two, or three, if you include the contrasting white floor.

It’s become eerily millennial as I grab for my phone… A “night out” with my Girlfriend and her watch.

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I've had A Thing For Stripes
One should strive for such balance and harmony.

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